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Founded in 2005, the German Australian Community Centre Queensland (GACCQ) brings together people passionate about supporting and promoting German culture, traditions and language in Queensland. We actively support initiatives, projects and the work of the German Consulate in Brisbane, and the wider German community. Furthermore, we are dedicated to fostering cross-cultural cooperation and relationships for the betterment of Queensland and its people.


Projects and Support

» “Queensland’s German Connections” book

book-coverPublished by GACCQ, Queensland’s German Connections: Past, Present and Future – 170 Years Strong (1842-2012) is a magnificent, full-colour work with almost 600 illustrations in its 376 pages.

That this book became reality is thanks to the idea and vision of the former Honorary German Consul in Brisbane, Detlef Sulzer, who realised there was no definitive book explaining the many and varied contributions by Germans to Queensland, and decided something must be done.

Meticulously researched by Matthew Tesch (editor), together with writers Robin Kleinschmidt and Peter Ludlow, the book examines a broad range of topics and themes, giving a comprehensive and fascinating insight into 'Queensland's Connections with Germany'. It ranges from stories of the first German immigrants in the 19th century, across the social, cultural and economic contributions they and their successors have made, to the shared collaborations of the 21st century, investigating bio-fuels and hypersonic flight.

Supported by the Queensland Government and German/Australian Industry the book was launched in 2012. This beautiful and unique book is a fascinating and absorbing read, a delightful pictorial journey and a perfect gift for any occasion. Read more.

Find out more about the making of this book and the story behind it here.

To order your copies click here.

Comments from readers:

"A wonderful publication - the format is spectacular - brimming with information and visually exciting.”

"Extraordinarily informative and interesting and very accessible to a general reader.”

       "What a triumph! I haven't been able to stop turning pages."

"It’s just fantastic and the connections are astounding – things are going to trigger for me constantly … I have already said ‘I didn’t know that’ at least six times and I have only just started.”


 » German Language Initiative

german in brisbaneA German Language Roundtable, founded by the German Honorary Consul Prof. Dr. Michael Schuetz in 2014, promotes the learning and interest in German within Brisbane and surrounds. The Roundtable includes teaching professionals from the public and private sector, and business representatives with a keen interest in the German language. A key outcome has been the development of a German language and cultural blog platform, www.GermaninBrisbane.com.au, by Louise Moeller. It was officially launched by the Brisbane German Consul during the 2015 German Film Festival.

GACCQ actively supports this initiative and the work of the German Language Roundtable.


 » Ludwig Leichhardt Commemoration

Ludwig Leichhardt CommemorationCommemorating the 200th anniversary of the explorer’s birth, a Leichhardt Roundtable initiative of the German Honorary Consul Prof. Dr. Michael Schuetz in Brisbane actively engaged in various projects around and about the famous German-born explorer. LeichhardtLand.net.au, a definitive website on all aspects of Leichhardt and developed by Matt Tesch, provided a modern, interactive and fascinating insight, including rarely seen documents, travel and journey guides, educational activities and details of the key commemorative functions. Roundtable activities culminated in the official visit of Ludwig Leichhardt’s descendant to Australia and the launch of QANTAS’ newest plane, named ‘Leichhardt’, by the President of the German Parliament, Prof. Norbert Lammert.

GACCQ was the key supporter of these activities including the website and official visit.


» Karneval

Karneval 2016GACCQ has been a major supporter of Brisbane German Club’s annual Karneval event since 2014. Organised by their Stammtisch group, the celebration provides the opportunity for Germans and non-Germans to experience and enjoy century-old German Karneval traditions. Our donations help create an even more authentic Karneval celebration, and support entertainment acts.



» Oktoberfest Brisbane

Oktoberfest for TeensAustralia’s largest German Festival, Oktoberfest Brisbane, is also one of Queensland’s largest cultural festivals, and a Top 10 Oktoberfest outside Germany (as voted by National Geographic). This annual celebration of German traditions and culture and fun, invites young and old to ‘embrace their inner German’ with all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, entertainment and atmosphere of an authentic German folk festival. Since 2008, Oktoberfest Brisbane has raised over $185,000 for Brisbane charity Youngcare.

Over 2,000 students and teachers attend the annual Oktoberfest for Teens, Queensland’s largest schools’ language event, where students experience first-hand an authentic German festival with focus on cultural and language elements.

GACCQ is a strong supporter of Oktoberfest Brisbane and Oktoberfest for Teens.


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