Publication and launch of “Queensland’s German connections”

This three-year project comes to fruition in October 2012, with the publication and official launch of the book Queensland’s German connections: past, present and future – 170 years strong (1842-2012).

A magnificent, full-colour and lavishly-illustrated work of 376 pages, the book examines a broad range of topics and themes with the common thread of 'Queensland's connections with Germany' and ranges from stories of the first immigrants in the 19th century, across the social, cultural and economic contributions they and their successors have made, to the shared collaborations of the 21st century, investigating bio-fuels and hypersonic flight.


Written and compiled by a small core team the book incorporates many first-hand accounts, specially-arranged interviews, family histories, and insights into current business and research collaborations prepared by a range of external contributors.

Led by project manager Detlef Sulzer, together with editor and graphic designer Matthew Tesch, the team includes historian Robin Kleinschmidt – both descendants of 1860s arrivals from Hamburg - and noted Moreton Bay historian Peter Ludlow, with Kim Schusdzarra contributing to the many maps.

The book has been designed and presented in full-colour, with a lavish selection of nearly 600 images, graphics, maps and tables.

Its lively and engaging array of writing styles and page layouts has been designed to attract and entice the reader into learning more about the breadth, depth, history and future potential of this unique international connection.

Set out across seven parts, with a mix of chronological and topical threads, this book gives a 'magazine-style' overview with a modular selection of fascinating essay topics. This is not a book designed, nor intended, to be read ‘from cover to cover’ in one sitting; instead it can be ‘dipped-into’ and topics of interest enjoyed at random.

The view through the prism defining "connection" is an unusual one: this book does not set out to recount documented history; rather, its aim has been to illuminate and inspire.

For example, it may come as a surprise to many to note that formal diplomatic relations between Queensland and Germany actually pre-date the official statehood of both!

(The Hanseatic Free City-State of Hamburg appointed its first Vice-Consul to Queensland in 1855,  four years before Queensland’s separation, more than 15 years before the formation of Germany, and more than 45 years before the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia.)

Throughout the 376 pages of this B5-sized (176mm wide x 250mm high) book are contributions from a wide range of sponsors, ranging from the Queensland Government to multi-national industry giants like Hochtief and Thiess, from academic leaders like QUT and the University of Queensland, to community organisations (Oktoberfest Brisbane) and many small-to-medium enterprises and family businesses.

To view a selection of some sample pages, click on any of the thumbnail images at right.

Hallmarked by messages from the Governor of Queensland, Australia’s Foreign Minister, the German Ambassador and German Consul-General, Queensland’s Premier, and the state’s Multicultural Affairs Minister, this unique book is an absorbing read and a perfect Christmas gift.